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We’ve Got You Covered

No other car wash in town offers you as many ways to wash your car as we do; none! We offer you THREE different ways to wash your car. We offer FAST at our express wash, TOUCHLESS high pressure cleaning (“we’ll rock your car”), and the self-serve HAND-WASH to baby your car (for those who just want to do it themselves). We also have vacuums and vending products on site so the inside of your car can be as spotless and fresh as the outside, including shampoo carpet cleaning, and an air freshener spray to give your car that new car smell. Mr. Fancy Pants’ takes pride in delivering exceptional washes with great customer service.

Beach Comber Car Wash

With our signature soft cloth wash, you’ll feel like you’re driving a brand new car off the lot. Six bucks isn’t much to pay for that new car feeling, is it?

Big Kahuna Car Wash

Ready for the next level and really want your car to look fancy? Try our Big Kahuna car wash. For just ten bucks, your car can get the special treatment.

Big Kahuna Car Wash With Hot Wax

If you like the sound of the Big Kahuna but want to take it just a little bit further, try it with the hot wax treatment.

Lava Shield Car Wash

The Lava Shield Car Wash comes with all the bells and whistles of the Big Kahuna wash, plus a four-step process to seal in the shine and really protect your car from sun and dirt damage.